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Drain Fly Kits-Small and Large

The Drain Fly Kits contain all that you need to combat drain fly problems. Both kits contain Invade Bio Drain, Tekko Trio IGR Foam, and Stryker 54 Aerosol.

1.Stryker 54 Aerosol Contact Spray is a contact kill aerosol for quick kill and quick control of adult drain flies.

2. Invade Bio Drain which is a combination of beneficial microbes and natural citrus oil in a thick formula to coat the sides of drains. It is designed to eat through the residue and scum in drains so that drain flies can no longer lay eggs there.

3. Tekko Trio IGR Foam is a foaming aerosol that contains three Insect Growth Regulators to keep drain fly larvae from developing into adults.


  • Small Kit-(2) Qts of Invade Bio Drain, (1) Tekko Trio Foam IGR, and (1) Stryker 54 Contact Aerosol
  • Large Kit-(1) Gallon of Invade Bio Drain, (1) Tekko Trio Foam IGR, and (2) Stryker 54 Contact Aerosol


1.For drains with a considerable buildup of scum, clean the drain with a brush before beginning treatment for quicker results. Moisten the drain with 1-2 gallons of warm water if the drain is not in regular use.

  • Apply 4 oz. of Invade Drain to each drain edge to coat the sides.
  • Try to avoid using the drain for a few hours after treating it.
  • Repeat treatment every other day for one week.

2. After the week of using the Invade Bio Drain, you can begin treatment with the Tekko Trio IGR Foam. Apply to areas of fly breeding. For drains, apply foam into and around the drain. Coat these areas thoroughly as flies will still try to lay eggs in the drain. The foam is visible, making it easy to make sure that no areas are missed—repeat applications at 2 to 4-week intervals for drain maintenance.

3. The Stryker 54 Contact Aerosol can be used as a spot spray or a fog to kill nuisance flies until the breeding sites have been controlled.

Tekko Trio IGR Foam Application

  • For drains, apply foam into and around the downspout and catch basin area.
  • Coat these areas thoroughly as fly larva develop in the scum buildup on the sides of drain pipes.
  • Repeat applications at 2 to 4 week intervals depending upon the severity of infestation.

Stryker 54 Application

  • Inject Stryker 54 Aerosol's crack and crevice tip into areas where drain flies are hiding or areas of harboring, living and breeding.
  • Use Strker 54 as a general space spray in the areas where drain flies are flying. Turn off fans, air conditioners, fans, close doors and windows before treating. See label for application amount.


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