EZ Carpenter Bee Kit Pro

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EZ Carpenter Bee Kit Pro
EZ Carpenter Bee Kit Pro
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The EZ Carpenter Bee Kit Pro Kit has Avesta CS Insecticide, Tempo Dust 1%, JT Eaton Duster, and Gotcha Pro Adapter.

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EZ Carpenter Bee Kit Pro

The EZ Carpenter Bee Kit Pro Kit has Avesta CS Insecticide, Tempo Dust 1%, JT Eaton Bellow Hand Duster, and Gotcha Pro Adapter .

The Carpenter Bee Kit Pro contains:

  • Avesta CS (8 oz) An encapsulated broad spectrum insecticide concentrate. This bottle will yield 10-40 gallons of finished solution. It will make 20 gallons for Carpenter Bee control. The dilution rate is dependent on the target insecticide. For carpenter bees, mix 0.4 oz (12 ml) per gallon of water. If not washed off, it will continue to kill for a couple of months.
  • Tempo Dust 1% (1.25 lb) - An all-around pesticide in a dust form. Tempo Dust will last six months. This dust is very effective on stinging insects such as, hornets, wasps and bees, due to its particle size.
  • Gotcha Sprayer Pro An adapter to put on the end of an extension pole to spray an aerosol or dispense a dust for hard to reach areas.
  • JT Eaton Hand Bellow Duster- The J.T.Eaton Insecticidal Duster #530 Bellow Duster- 8 Oz. is a perfect duster for small dusting applications. This bellow duster has a spring that is compressed in order to release the dust.This duster will hold between 4 oz of dry dust.
  • Optional additions (Carpenter Bee Traps) at reduced prices
  • Click here Carpenter Bee Information


  1. Mix the Avesta CS at 0.5 ounces per gallon of water and spray the areas where carpenter bees are boring or have bored in the past. The goal here is to use a spray pattern that clings to the surface. This will leave a repellent residue on the surface which will discourage the bees from drilling additional holes. Their holes are usually located on the underside of any wood surface including siding, soffits, overhangs, decks, fence posts, fascia boards and window frames. We recommend spraying twice during the spring at intervals of 3-4 weeks. For severe infestations of carpenter bees on cedar and log structures you may need to treat more frequently.
  2. Next fill the JT Eaton Hand Bellow Duster about halfway with Tempo 1% Dust and puff it into all accessible carpenter bee holes. Shake the duster vigorously and puff it 2 or 3 times into each hole.
  3. For holes too high to reach with the duster by hand, you can place the duster into the Gotcha Sprayer Pro. It can attach to any extendable painter’s pole to increase your reach. Sometimes carpenter bee holes will be behind shutters, trim boards or gutters, etc. Dust or spray the area around their access point, so they have to crawl through some insecticide to get in our out.
  4. We know it’s tempting to seal the holes now, but we recommend waiting until the fall. This gives any surviving eggs or adults time to hatch and leave. When sealing the holes, be sure to use a sealant that can be painted over.
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Product Label Tempo Dust
SDS Avesta CS
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Target Pest Carpenter Bees
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Retreatment As needed
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