No-Mix Indoor Ant Kit

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No-Mix Indoor Ant Kit
No-Mix Indoor Ant Kit
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The Indoor Ant Kit combines Doxem NXT Aerosol and Savitri Ant Bait Gel for an ideal solution for indoor ant control. This ant kit is a ready-to-use solution that combines a non-repellent insecticide (Doxem NXT) with a high-performance ant gel (Savitri Ant Gel) that has proven to be a very effective ant bait. The workers take the bait back to the queens and other workers.

Product Information

The Indoor Ant Kit contains:

  • Savitri Ant Bait Gel: Savitri Ant Gel, boasting an impressive combination of attractants and carbohydrates and indoxacarb as the active ingredient, works to eliminate 17 different ant species. Its effects are evident within one day, enabling the ants to take it back to their colonies to eliminate the workers and queens ultimately. This bait is a top-notch choice for sweet-feeding ants (except Pharoah ants) and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Doxem NXT: Doxem NXT Aerosol is a high-quality, premixed solution containing four unique active components. Its composition is specially formulated with two no-repellent active ingredients, Indoxacarb and Imidacloprid, and two insect growth regulators, Novaluron and Pyriproxyfen.

Application Of Savitri Ant Bait Gel

  • For spot applications: apply 0.1 to 1.0 grams of Savitri Ant Gel per spot. Spots should be approximately 1/4" in diameter. Make as many placements as necessary.
  • For bead applications: apply Savitri Ant Gel as a bead approximately 1/8" wide and 2" long; extend the bead up to 3" for highly active foraging trails.
  • Avoid disrupting ants' natural foraging when making gel applications.
  • If the ant nest can be located, inject up to 2.0 grams of bait directly into the nest or harborage entrance.

Application Of Doxem NXT

  • Apply Doxem NXT in crack and crevices or spot application. Spray where the ants live, run, or breed with the injector tip. Inject Doxem NXT into -crevices or void spaces where listed insects may be harboring, living, or breeding.
  • Place injector tip into cracks, crevices, holes, and other small openings for a direct spray to target listed insects.
  • Release approximately one second of spray per injection. For heavy infestations, make injections approximately 12" apart.
Packaging 1 Box ( 4 x 30 gram syringes) + 1 Doxem NXT Aerosol (15 oz)
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Target Pest

Controls all key sweet feeders (highly attractive bait formulation), plus a broad spectrum of ants including Argentine, Big Headed, Carpenter, Cornfield, Crazy, Field, Ghost, Harvester, Honey, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Pyramid, Red Imported Fire Ant, Rover, Thief, and White Footed Ants. (Excludes Pharoah ants)

Active Ingredient (s) Savitri Ant Gel: Indoxacarb 0.5% | Doxem NXT: 0.10% Indoxacarb, 0.20% Novaluron, 0.05% Imidacloprid, 0.02% Pyriproxyfen
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