Mosquito Combo Kit-Small

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Mosquito Combo Kit-Small
Mosquito Combo Kit-Small
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The Nyguard IGR is a growth regulator that prevents mosquito larvae from developing, effectively halting their breeding process.

Product Information

Mosquito Combo Kit-Small (Bifen IT Insecticide and Nyguard IGR Kit)

Combine Bifen IT as a residual insecticide, Nyguard IGR as an IGR to tackle mosquitoes in your yard and landscape areas.

Unless you hit the mosquito directly with the Bifen IT, killing it takes a little while, since Bifen IT is a residual insecticide. The Nyguard IGR is an insect growth regulator that will stop breeding in such a manner that makes the larva of the mosquito not develop. 

Have more area to cover?  Check out our Mosquito Combo Kit- Large with the same chemicals but in larger quantities!

Application and Directions

Mix: Mix 4 ml of Nyguard IGR (Insect Growth Regulator), 1 oz of Bifen IT Insecticide in one gallon of water to cover 1,000 square feet of yard and foliage. If foliage is dense and the mosquito population is dense, spray one gallon over 500-750 square feet.

Wait: Wait for a couple of hours before pets and children can run in the treated areas.


Bifen IT Insecticide controls a broad spectrum of insects inside and outside. Wisdom TC controls mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, fire ants, mole cricket adults and nymphs, chinch bugs, and other lawn pests. It also has a label to control termites.

Nyguard IGR Concentrate stops the reproduction cycle, providing control of fleas, stored product pests, listed roaches, crickets, litter beetles, and flying insects.

ExciteR Insecticide pyrethrin concentrate contains 6% pyrethrins and Piperonyl Butoxide 60%. Excite R insecticide can be used alone in a fogger or pump sprayer, or as an additive to other insecticides such as  permethrin or cypermethrin for a faster knock-down of insect pests. When used alone, ExciteR does not leave a long residual.

Mosquito Large Kit- This larger kit is three times larger (3/4 Gallon of Bifen IT , 2 x Pivot IGR (140 ml each) and 2 x 1 oz bottles of Exciter ) for larger spaces.

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NyGuard IGR
More PDF's NyGuard IGR SDS en Español
Target Pest


Active Ingredient (s) 7.9% Bifenthrin, Pyriproxyfen 10%
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