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Outlast Pro - 16 oz
Outlast Pro - 16 oz
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Outlast Pro - Gallon (128 oz )
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Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks
Outlast Pro is exempt of known carcinogens in California's Prop 65 list. Always make sure that your foaming equipment is completely calibrated for adequate coverage and good foam results. The B&G Versafoamer HH is a professional foamer that delivers precision control of foam delivery.

Product Information

Outlast Pro Foaming Agent

Outlast Pro Foaming Agent by Rockwell Labs is proprietary, broad-use surfactant that produces a thick, dense foam. It may be used to foam pest control insecticides and termiticides, as well as cleaning products. This one of a kind formulation leaves less residue because it needs less of the surfactant load compared to other foaming agents.

Testing by Rockwell Labs shows that Outlast Pro adheres better to surfaces, lasts 2-3 times longer, and leaves less drainage from the liquid in the foam and competing foam agents.

Application rates range from 0.5 oz to 8 oz per gallon. Most applications will produce a thick foam at 2 oz per gallon.

Outlast Pro comes in the 16 oz squeeze and measure bottle and Gallon bottle. It is made in the USA.

Top Features

  • Longer lasting foam means better results
  • Foam lasts 2-3 times longer & sticks better compared to other foaming agents
  • Lower surfactant load compared to other foaming agents leaves less residue
  • Compatible with pesticides and cleaning agents
  • Caution Signal word
  • Exempt from California’s Prop 65 list of known carcinogens
  • Rates ½-8 oz per gallon.
  • Product Brochure
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Active Ingredient (s) Sodium lauryl sulfate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate - 18%
For Use : Outlast Pro may be used in professional foaming equipment. Outlast Pro Foaming Agent can be used in various residential, commercial and agricultural avenues such as, pest control, food-processing and food-handling establishments, animal husbandry uses, bio sanitation, spray marking, and cleaning/disinfecting agents applications.
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General Mixing Instructions**:

1. Fill tank/reservoir with water

2. Add and mix in material to be foamed

3. Add OutLAST Pro and mix gently

**When mixing OutLAST Pro with any other manufacturers' product(s) read and follow all secondary manufacturers' label

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More Instructions

Use Rates – to produce a:
Lower Expansion (5-10*** to 1) or Wet Foam:.........(½ - 1 ½ oz / gallon)
Higher Expansion (11-20*** to 1) or Drier Foam:...(1 ½ - 8 oz /gallon)
***Expansion rates will vary due to temperature, water hardness, material added and foaming equipment used. Oil-based materials will generally require higher rates compared to water-based materials. Not for aquatic use or post-harvest use on food or feed.

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