Phantom Termiticide / Insecticide - 21 oz.

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Phantom Termiticide / Insecticide - 21 oz.
Phantom Termiticide / Insecticide - 21 oz.
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Phantom Termiticide- Insecticide is an non repellent insecticide (Termites, ants and roaches don't know it is there!)

For use in: indoors and outdoors

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Phantom is a great product. You might want to check out Spectre 2SC. It is less per oz and you can get it in a 15 oz bottle.

Product Information

Phantom Termiticide

Phantom's "Secondary Kill" Action

Phantom has the ability to kill pests that have not come in contact with the treated area. This mode of action is called "secondary kill", one insect exposes other insects to the insecticide. Exposure occurs by contact, grooming and food exchange.

This secondary kill action is a primary contributor to both Phantom's incredible performance and its ability to control entire pest populations at low doses.

Phantom is not only a Termiticide that kills termites by ingestion and contact, but also a powerful and effective insecticide for ants and cockroaches . Phantom combines nonrepellency, superior control, long-lasting effects in a low-dose, virtually odorless formulation. Phantom can be used as a soil drench, wall foam or as a general use spray as desired.

Packaging 21 oz
Product Label Label
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Target Pest Termites, cockroaches, ants, beetles, centipedes, bark scorpions, cockroaches, bed bugs, crickets and house flies(see product label for complete list)
Active Ingredient (s) 21.45% Chlorfenapyr
For Use : indoors (crack and crevice only) and outdoors around the perimeter
Yield 21 oz bottle makes up to 12- 28 gallon solutions for termites;7 gallons of general use spray for cockroaches and ants.
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FAQ'S Phantom Termiticide-Insecticide

Q: How does Phantom work?

A: Chlorfenapyr, the state-of-the-art active ingredient in Phantom, works differently than other termiticides, which typically attack the insect's nerve cells. Instead, Phantom attacks cells in the insect's body and prevents these cells from generating sufficient energy to sustain life.

Q: How do termites come in contact with Phantom?

A: Phantom is a truly non repellent termiticide. That means that termites don't know it's there. Once Phantom has been applied to the soil and a perimeter has been established, foraging termites acquire the termiticide as they pass directly through the treated zone. Secondly, toxic doses of chlorfenapyr are transferred to other members of the colony through such mechanisms as trophallaxis, which involve shared feeding of contaminated secretions and food. As we say, "Some lines should never be crossed," and "fortunately, termites have no idea where this one is."

Q: Do termites die immediately upon contact with Phantom?

A: No. Phantom works through a process called delayed action mortality. Because termites don't die immediately upon contact with Phantom, they have the opportunity to distribute the termiticide to their nestmates. They also die away from the Phantom Perimeter, eliminating the potential for accumulated corpses that would drive other termites away from the treated area

Q: Does Phantom only control termites?

A: No. Phantom is also labeled for control of general household pests inside both residential and commercial structures. Essentially, Phantom will have a deleterious effect upon all insects that have behavioral patterns which allow trafficking through the treated area. In this respect, Phantom has been proven to be highly effective on both cockroaches and ants.

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