Protecta Mouse Bait Station-Fastrac Blox 4 lb Kit

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Protecta Mouse Bait Station-Fastrac  Blox 4 lb Kit
Protecta Mouse Bait Station-Fastrac Blox 4 lb Kit
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  1. 6 x Protecta Mouse Bait Stations (includes 1 key)
  2. Fastrac Blox -4 lbs (Blocks).

Product Information

Proteca Mouse Bait Stations and Fastrac Blox Kit-Save Money

Contains :

Fastrac Blox

Packaging: 120 X 15 grams-(4 lbs of 15 gram blox form)

Fastrac Blox is a single feed bait weather resistant, fast-acting acute, containing Bromethalin. Fastrac Blox from Bell laboratories is a quick and effective solution to controlling populations of rats and mice, especially Norway rats, Roof rats, and House Mice. Fastrac is a small, rough, all-weather baiting blox with many gnawing edges.

Application Rate for Fastrac Blox

Rats: Place 2 to 10 bloxes (blocks) per placement (usually at intervals of 10 to 25 feet).
If you have a high population and a higher feeding, place out more bait.

Mice: Use 1 bait blox (block)per placement. Space placements at intervals of 6 to 10 feet in infested areas. If you have a high population and a higher feeding, place out more bait.

  • This bait does not have an antidote. It would be important to keep non-targeted animals away from this bait or use Tamper proof bait stations-rat size or Tamper proof bait stations-mice size.
  • Due to the stop-feed qualities of Fastrac, the placement quantities should be extremely small.
  • Secondary poisoning( e.g., a dog consuming the carcasses of rodents poisoned by Fastrac) does not readily occur with bromethalin.
  • Effective on both miceand rats, Fastrac kills in one to two days, even hours in some instances. Because rodents stop feeding after eating a lethal dose, more rodents can be controlled with less bait. The rat and mice may consume a lethal dose in a single feeding, with the first dead rodents appearing one or two days after bait consumption. Mice consume about 2-4 grams of food daily, and rats consume 15-35 grams daily. On average, it takes 2.5 grams to kill a mouse and 7-8 grams to kill a rat.
  • It is not an anticoagulant( interference of the blood coagulation process) but a non-anticoagulant that attacks the central nervous system.
  • It is colored  purple for easy identification and can be used in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.
  • The quick kill allows for a quicker solution to the rodent population. Anticoagulant baits
    work on a delayed effect basis. A rodent feeding on an anticoagulant bait outside a food warehouse may continue to forage for another 3-7 days before the effects of the bait work.
  • Bell Laboratories synthesizes its own Bromethalin, the purest, most consistent technical Bromethalin globally.
    This pure active, along with Bell's advanced formulation, means you'll see dramatic results in acceptance and effectiveness.
  • This all-weather bait blox has many gnawing edges for greater rodent acceptability.
  • Fastrac Blox are available in 120 x 15 gram resealable pails.
  • These slender place blocks fit in the tightest baiting places.
    Fastrac Place Pacs are available in 100 x 15-gram resealable pails for freshness and convenience.
Packaging 6 x Protecta Mouse Bait Stations + Fastrac Blox 4 lbs
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SDS Fastrac Blox SDS
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Target Pest


Active Ingredient (s) Bromethalin
For Use : Inside or Outside

Protecta Mouse Bait Stations

Protecta Mouse Bait Station is a durable, heavy-duty polypropylene mouse bait station. Mouse entry holes line up with the wall. It measures: 6 in.x 5 1/2 in. x 2 1/2 in.

Tamper-proof bait stations are ideal to use around children and pets

  • Protecta Mouse Bait Station is a mouse-size bait station or a monitoring tool.
  • Fits in tight places
  • Perfect for heavy mouse infestations inside or outside.

  • Use it with non-toxic Detex Blox to monitor mouse activity.
  • Easy-open lid allows for quick replacement of rodenticides.
  • These stations have four prongs that hold bait or Trapper Mini T Rex Mouse Snap Traps. They may be used inside or outside..
  • It locks when closed and unlocks with the 2 Prong Replacement Key
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