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Resolv Soft Bait -16 lb pail
Resolv Soft Bait -16 lb pail
Resolv Soft Bait 4 x 4 lb bags
Resolv Soft Bait 4 x 4 lb bags
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    Resolv Soft Bait -16 lb pail
    Resolv Soft Bait 4 x 4 lb bags
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  • Trapper Rat Glue Traps (5 sets) $19.99
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Lipha Tech pioneered the soft bait technology and to this day it seems to have the best all around acceptance by rodents.

Product Information

Resolv Soft Bait Rodenticide -16 lbs and 4 x 4 lb bags (12 gram pouches)

Resolv Soft Bait, with Bromadiolone, is a single feed bait using soft bait technology.Resolv Soft Bait has a high bait acceptance with an aroma of food grade oil and grains escaping through the soft pouches. Many professionals have found a greater success in rodent bait acceptance with soft baits over the standard block baits with their wax coating. Compared to typical rodent blocks, the Resolv Soft Bait pouches reduce cost in placements.

The 12-gram pouches may be placed on horizontal rods or vertical rods in rodent bait stations. Using the rods will reduce translocation of the bait by rodents.

Resolv Soft Bait is nut and seed free with a bittering agent to discourage accidental consumption

Top Features

  • Works in a single feeding bromadiolone for quick results
  • Rodents may consume a lethal dose in one night's feeding with the first dead rodents appearing four or five days after feeding begins.
  • Low cost-per-placement compared to traditional wax blocks
  • Greater performance and efficacy versus traditional wax blocks.
  • Contains no wax, enhancing palatability and integrity, even in hot environments.
  • Aroma escapes through pouch to attract rodents and encourage feeding
  • Can be secured by using vertical or horizontal rods, reducing the chance of translocation by the rodents.
  • Easy clean up as rodents consume the bait instead of scattering it
  • Professional grade rodenticide available in 16 lb. pails (approx. 604 pouches per pail)
Packaging 4 x 4 lbs and 16 lbs
Product Label Resolv Soft Bait Label
SDS Resolv Soft Bait SDS
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Target Pest Resolv Soft Bait kills Roof Rats, Norway Rats, House Mice and warfarin-resistant Norway rats.
Active Ingredient (s) Bromadiolone - 0.005%
For Use : Indoors and Outdoors: Residential and commercial, urban and rural areas.
Yield N/A
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  • House Mice: Apply 1 pouch per placement, usually spaced 8 to 12 feet apart. Up to 4 pouches may be needed at points of very high house mouse activity. Maintain a constant supply of fresh bait for 15 days or until signs of house mouse activity cease.
  • Rats: Apply 7 to 36 pouches per placement, usually spaced 15 to 30 feet apart. Maintain a constant supply of fresh bait for 10 days or until signs of rat activity cease.


  • Replace contaminated or spoiled bait immediately.
  • Wearing waterproof gloves, collect and dispose of all visible dead animals and leftover bait, as well as any bait that has become accessible to non-target animals.
  • To discourage re-infestation, limit sources of rodent food, water and harborage as much as possible.
  • If re-infestation does occur, repeat treatment.
  • For a continuous infestation, set up permanent bait stations and replenish bait as needed.
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Resolv Soft Bait Rodenticide

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