Snap traps

Trapping Rats with Rat Snap Traps

Rat traps that snap have been a mechanical means of trapping rats for a long time. They have been proven timeless and effective. We carry the Victor Rat Traps ( professional expanded trigger line) and Trapper T Rex Rat Traps. The T Rex Rat Trap is easier to set, but more expensive.

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How To Set Out Rat Snap Traps

After inspection, place snap traps near the rodent activity. The proper way to set these traps is placing them perpendicular to the wall (baited end should be closest to the wall). Since rats are suspicious of new objects, set out traps that are unset for a couple of days.

The Provoke Rat Lure is an improved formulated lure for rats, but peanut butter works very well. Whichever lure that you use, using less lure may be more effective. The more lure that is used on the trap; the easier it is for the rodent to grab it without setting the trigger.

Continue trapping until all is caught. Continue monitoring or inspecting for fresh signs of rodent activity.




After A Rat is Caught

Always wear gloves when handling these traps. The T Rex traps can be washed and reused.




Snap Traps - Children and Pets

Snap traps can be dangerous to pets and children. The T Rex trap is designed to fit inside the Protecta Bait Station or Ambush Bait Station . These stations are tamper-resistant; keeping children and pets safe from harm.


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