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Safari 20 SG Insecticide - 12 oz
Safari 20 SG Insecticide - 12 oz
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Safari 20 SG Insecticide - 3 lbs
Safari 20 SG Insecticide - 3 lbs
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Safari 20 SG is great for control of adelgids and Emerald Ash Borers, as well as a ton of other insects on trees and shrubs. There is a liquid version of the same ingredient (dinoterfuran) which many people find easier to mix. It's called Zylam Liquid Insecticide Please note that application for Emerald Ash Borers needs to be done in the heat of the summer.

Product Information

Safari 20 SG Insecticide - Dinotefuran

Safari with Dinotefuran is a fast acting systemic that is very effective against such as emerald ash borer and other invasive pests such as Q- and B-biotype whiteflies, hemlock woolly adelgids, mealybugs, leafminers, fungus gnats, black vine weevils, glassy-winged sharpshooters, lacebugs that attack trees and shrubs. Damage to these greenhouse and nursery crops can be costly. Dinotefuran belongs to the class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids, a newer class of insecticides. Products with the active ingredient, dinotefuran is labeled "reduced risk" by the EPA.

Various Application Types

Packaging 12 oz or 3 lbs
Product Label Label
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Target Pest

Q-biotype whitefly, B-biotype whitefly, armored and soft scale, emerald ash bore,r mealybug mountain pine beetle 2(ee), aphids, flatheaded borers, fungus, gnat larvae, glassy-winged sharpshooter, Japanese beetle (adults), lacebug, leaf beetle, leafhopper, leafminer, mealybug psyllid root weevils, roundheaded borer thrips (suppression), white grubs. See product labels for a complete list.

Active Ingredient (s) Dinotefuran 20%
For Use :

Safari 20 SG may be applied as a soil drench, soil injection, basal trunk spray or dry granule.

  • For foliar or broadcast spray application use 1/2 to 1 level teaspoon per gallon of water and apply 1 gallon per 200 square feet.
  • For “Trunk Spray” which is : Use 12 – 24 oz per gallon depending on bark type and thickness. one gallon of spray solution will cover 40-50” of trunk diameter when measured at 4.5 feet above ground.
  • For soil treatment use 1.25 - 2.5 level teaspoons in 1 to 4 pints of water per foot of shrub height.
  • Supplemental Label
Yield Yield depends on application types
Mixture|Application For tree drench use 1.25 to 5 teaspoons per quart of water per inch of trunk diameter.
Shipping Restrictions CT, MA, MD, NY

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