SenSci Blackout Detectors / Interceptors

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SenSci Blackout  Detectors / Interceptors
SenSci Blackout Detectors / Interceptors
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Looking to keep your home free from pesky bed bugs? Look no further than BlackOut, the latest innovation in bed bug detection from BedBug Central. BlackOut uses advanced technology to intercept bed bugs as they move around looking for a blood meal. This interception lets you identify and get rid of them before they cause any problems.

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SenSci BlackOut Bed Bug Detector

SenSci's BlackOut Bed Bug Detector works as an under-the-leg interceptor/detector developed for monitoring, detecting, and trapping bedbugs. Developed so that it is easy for the bed bugs to climb up the trap, but the wall texture on the inside makes it hard for them to escape. These bed bug detectors can detect up to 95% of bed bug infestations in as little as two weeks.

Place these detectors are under the legs of beds and furniture (mostly where you sleep). They will help your bedbug treatment program by catching bed bugs as they naturally travel around seeking a blood meal. These bed bug detectors will help monitor your bed bug population as they fall into the well of the trap.

You can use these interceptor devices as trapping or monitoring tools. They are beneficial after a bed bug treatment to monitor results. The monitoring will tell you if you need to continue your bed bug treatment plans to eradicate your bed bug population.

The BlackOut Detector may be paired with Sensci Activ Bed Bug Lure. This lure will lure bed bugs quickly to the detector trap. See how to place the Senci Activ lure around these detectors.

  • Detects all levels of bed bug infestation
  • Black design attracts bed bugs and allows for easier identification of early instars
  • Crack and break-resistant.
  • No powder, tape or additives necessary.
  • Detection as early as two weeks.
  • Can be combined with SenSci Aciv bed bug lure to increase catch.

SenSci BlackOut Bed Bug Detector Placements

Place one BlackOut interceptor under each of the legs of beds, couches, or other furniture where bed bugs are around. Most of your bed bug activity will be in areas where you sleep.
 BlackOut device  BlackOut device
If the Blackout monitor does not fit under the furniture leg, place them next to the legs of the furniture. If you have a platform bed, or the bed is directly on the floor, place on these monitors around the bed's perimeter, about every three feet.
Blackout Bed Bug DetectorBlackout Bed Bug Detector
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