When to Spray Wasp Nests & Which Are the Best Sprays to Use

Digger Wasp

Wasps frequently nest behind siding, vents, shutters, and other openings around the house's exterior during the summer months. These events can become quite a nuisance for some homeowners as the wasps interfere with normal daily activities. You can spray the wasps you see with a contact kill insecticide such as  Stryker Wasp & Hornet  or PT Wasp & Hornet Killer Freeze II for a quick knockdown. It can also be used to eradicate visible and easily accessible nests by spraying the nest from a distance.

Many wasp nests are hidden from sight, however, and those are more difficult to eradicate. Locate the opening to the nest by monitoring active wasps from a distance. Once you see the wasp land on the house, watch closely, and they'll often disappear into an opening. Depending on the type of opening, a  Pyrethrin insecticide with a crack and crevice tip such as  Stryker 54 Aerosol is useful for destroying the nest.

For more detailed information and additional wasp treatment options, refer to  Hornet and Wasp Control information page.

Written by our resident pest control expert Ken Martin.

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