Taurus Dry (Refills)

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Taurus Dry (Refills)
Taurus Dry (Refills)
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Use Taurus Dry with Control Solution's Precision Delivery System to apply the Taurus Dry flowable termite chemical. These areas include
locations where you can not apply a traditional termite liquid easily.

Product Information

Taurus Dry

Taurus Dry, designed to use with the Precision Delivery System (PDS), is a dry powder formulation of Fipronil. With the PDS system's precision, you can apply this dry flowable formulation in hard-to-reach termite harborage locations. These hidden locations are where traditional termite control methods cannot reach. These locations include voids, galleries, termite nests, and shelter tubes.

Taurus Dry, by Control Solutions, is a proprietary non-repellent material. Like the Taurus SC formula, it can physically transfer to other termites in the nest or topical contact with the Fipronil. Due to this transfer quality, it can affect untreated termites as they interact with the treated ones.

How Taurus Dry Works

  • You will need the Precision Delivery System Starter Kit (PDS Applicator, Holster, and Applicator Straws for the application
  • Dry flowable dispenses at a rate of 0.05 grams per 1 second of trigger activation time.


Application Rate Chart

RatesApplication RateTrigger X
Drywood Termites0.1-1grams2-20 seconds
Subterranean Termites0.1-1grams2-20 seconds
Subterranean Termites in voids0.2-2grams4-40 seconds
Subterranean Termites Cartons & Nests0.3-3grams6-60 seconds
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Product Label Label
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Target Pest N/A
Active Ingredient (s) Fipronil 0.5%
For Use :
  • Voids, Termite nests, Utility poles, Railroad trestles, Galleries, Inaccessible areas of buildings, Fencing, Piers*, Shelter Tubes, Trees*, Decking materials, beams, other structural or landscape timbers where termite activity is observed.
  • *See product label
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A
Shipping Restrictions AK, CA, CT, HI, IN, MI, NY, OR, RI, SC, VT and WA

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