Trapper Glue (Discontinued)

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Trapper Glue (Discontinued)
Trapper Glue (Discontinued)
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The Trapper Bulk Gallon has been discontinued by Bell Labs. An alternative would be Catchmaster Bulk Glue.

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This is a really good product but making your own glue boards is easier said than done.

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Trapper Bulk Glue - Gallon

The Trapper Bulk Gallon has been discontinued by Bell Labs. An alternative would be Catchmaster Bulk Glue.

Trapper Glue is a non-toxic gallon of glue that can be used to make your own rodent glue traps.It is most commonly used when there is a unique situation requiring a certain sized glue board. This glue is formulated so that it will work in a wide temperature range, however will not be effective in freezing temperatures. Use Catchmaster 48WRG Cold Temperature Glue Board Traps in freezing conditions.

Tools Needed

Trapper Glue, scissors and cardboard, boards or tar paper are needed to make glue boards.

How to Make Your Own Glue Boards

  • Remove all jewerly (rings, watches, bracelets) on your hands and forearms. With a small amount of liquid detergent, wet your hands and the blades of the scissors.
  • Place the Trapper Glue on paper or boards. You will want a thickness of 1/8" to 1/4".
  • Placement of Glue Boards: First inspect for mice activity or rat activity by looking for their signs. Place the glue boards in these areas. You will want the rodent to cross over the board and get stuck. Typical areas are along baseboards, walls, gnawed openings and beside burrows.
  • One way to increase effectiveness using glue board to catch rodents is to force them over the boards by blocking their passages.
  • Use a rodent bait such as Provoke Mouse Attractant or Provoke Rat Attractant in the center of the glue boards. Other materials would be effective such as peanut butter, but Provoke has been designed for luring rodents.
  • Many times a rodent will try to get off the glue board. Secure glue boards on pipes, ledges, etc by nails or wire, in order to prevent the rodent from running with the glue board
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