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Victor Mouse Snap Trap M325
Victor Mouse Snap Trap M325
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Victor Mouse Snap Trap M325 (Case of 72 Traps)
Victor Mouse Snap Trap M325 (Case of 72 Traps)
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    Victor Mouse Snap Trap M325
    • Buy 36 for $0.75 each and save 85%
    • Buy 72 for $0.71 each and save 86%
    • Buy 144 for $0.65 each and save 87%
    Victor Mouse Snap Trap M325 (Case of 72 Traps)
    • Buy 2 for $42.96 each and save 7%
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  • Flatline Soft Bait ( 4 Ib bag) $34.30
  • Trapper Glue Traps/Trays For Mice -6 Sets (12 traps) $13.95
  • Black Nitrile 5 Mil Gloves Large Size (5 Pairs) $5.50

Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks
This wooden Victor Mouse Trap is just like what grand mother used, but with the expanded trigger. If you look at the related products at the bottom of this page the Provoke really works. Take a cotton ball and pull off just a small amount then put some Provoke Mouse Attractant on it. The mice love it.

Product Information

Victor Mouse Snap Trap M325

Victor Mouse Trap M 235 is the classic mouse trap. This design features a wooden base, with a very strong metal spring which quickly swipes the bar down onto the mouse once the trap is sprung. The M325 features a wider plastic trigger, making activation quicker then on the traditional narrow metal trigger

Victor mouse traps with the expanded plastic trigger work much better and are more sensitive than the metal triggers.

How To Trap Mice With Victor Mouse Traps

Recommended baits would be a nut butter like peanut butter or the provoke mouse atttractant. Mice also like seeds.

It is very important to use plenty of traps.
As many as six traps for only one or two mice is appropriate.

In a commercial building or restaurant as much as a couple of dozen is needed.

The traps should be placed in darkened corners, along walls, behind appliances and
any areas where droppings have been sighted.

In trapping for mice, place snap traps about 10 feet apart since they don't travel very far.

If the mice population is large, place the traps about 6 feet apart.

Placing rat traps about 15-to 20 feet apart is good for rats.

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Target Pest Mice
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For Use :

Inside or Outside

Placing Traps

1. Perpendicular to the wall-Traps extending from the wall at a right angle with the trigger end nearly touching the wall.

2.Parallel to the wall-Set them in pairs with the triggers situated to intercept rodents coming from either direction.

3.They can also be fastened with wire to overhead rafters, beams, tree limbs,
and on top of the gutters along the roof line.

4. These traps are equipped with a unique setting control which allows you to use a soft
or senstive set for normal situations or a firmer set in situations where vibrating
machinery or other manufacturuing operations could prematurely set off a trap.

Trigger sensitivity is determined after setting by simply moving arm toward
the firm or soft postion indicated as letters"F" or "S" on the side of the setting control.
Futher adjustments cna be made by slightly bending the trigger arm.

5.Care should be taken to set traps in areas where there is evidence of recent rodent
activity such as fresh droppings,gnawings,rub marks,burrows, or urine stains.

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Use a variety of baits

Although professional traps do not need to be baited, baiting will increase the catch rate in certain situations. Both a bait trough and a bait hook are provided on the trigger petal.

In areas where there is not a readily available food source, use baits that will cause a strong aroma: peanut butter, bacon, nut, Provoke Lure,etc. If the bait is solid, use dental floss to tie it to the trigger. Rodents can easily remove unsecured bait.

Where food is abundant, try using nesting material such as cotton, Styrofoam , or any other soft material secured to the trap. Vanilla extract on top of this nesting material would also attract them to it. The Victor Snap trap with the expanded plastic trigger does not need to be baited if properly placed.


1. Always make sure that you have the right sized trap for either mice or rat.

2. Insects may be taking the bait, without setting off the trigger. To check for rodent activity around the trap, use a little dust (such as flour ) around the area
for tracking signs. Using a Mice Size Glue Board around the area would also catch the insects.

3. Be sure traps are in good mechanical condition. If traps need oil, use animal or vegetable oil rather
than a petroleum based compound.

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Product Videos

Rat Traps (Trapper T-Rex vs Victor Snap Traps)
Where To Place Baits/Traps (Mice)
How to Trap Rats and Mice with Trapper T-Rex Snap Traps and Glueboards

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