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Advance 375A Select Ant Bait - 8 oz
Advance 375A Select Ant Bait - 8 oz
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Advance 375A Select Ant Bait - 2 lbs
Advance 375A Select Ant Bait - 2 lbs
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  5. Bait Plate Insect Bait Stations- 12 stations per set
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    Grouped product items
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    Advance 375A Select Ant Bait - 8 oz
    • Buy 2 for $22.60 each and save 12%
    Advance 375A Select Ant Bait - 2 lbs
    Special Price $62.50 Regular Price $66.50
    • Buy 2 for $62.02 each and save 1%
  • Spectre PS Aerosol $20.88
  • Savitri Ant Gel Bait $32.95
  • Bait Plate Insect Bait Stations- 12 stations per set $9.98

Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks
The Advance 375A Select Ant Bait is a great all purpose ant bait. Most of our customers use Advance Ant Granulars for carpenter ants. As with all ant baits, place the bait where the ants are looking for food. In most cases this is outside. For carpenter ants you need to stay up late and have a good flashlight. Pay particular attention to the edges, window sills, and corners of your house.

Product Information

Advance 375A Select Ant Bait

Advance 375A Ant Bait is a ready-to-use product for use in controlling Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, Pharoah Ants, Odorous Ants, House Ants and other ants both indoors and outdoors. The small bait matrix in Advance 375A Ant Bait works well on both the Pennsylvania carpenter ants and Florida Carpenter Ants.

Advance 375A Select Ant Bait - Abamectin

This bait formulation in Advance 375 A Select combines a bait mixture of foods and the delayed action insecticide, abamectin. Abamectin is a natural soil borne agent. It is formulated with a select combination of attractants that quickly enitce hard to control ants. This protein-based bait ant bait acts to reduce the population of worker ants and can cause immediate halt in egg production resulting in colony elimination.

Tips - Advance 375 A Select Ant Bait Usage

  • Avoid the use of other insecticides or sprays on or near Advance 375 A Select Ant Bait, unless you are using non repellent insecticides like Phantom Aerosols or Taurus SC. Ants do not know non-repellents are present and will not scatter and enter your homes in other ways.
  • Ants will switch dietary needs and preferences when searching for food to take back to their colonies. They will choose either a protein based bait or a sugar based bait. Advance 375 A Granular Ant Bait works well with Optigard Ant Bait Gel . The Advance 375 A Select would supply the protein dietary needs and the Optigard would provide the sugar dietary needs for a complete selection of ant baits.
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Target Pest

Carpenter ants and many common varieties of ants such as Argentine, bigheaded, crazy, field, Fire, little black, pavement, Pharaoh, Odorous, house, and thief ants

Active Ingredient (s) Abamectin 0.011%.
For Use : Advance 375 A Ant Bait may be used in and around: homes, residential areas, commercial and other structures, non-food/feed areas of commercial buildings, warehouses, hotels, food storage areas, inedible product areas of meat-packing plants, hotels, food supermarkets and non-occupied patient areas of hospitals and nursing homes, golf courses, parks, lawns, and turf. NOT for use in USDA meat and poultry plants
Yield As a broadcast application: 8 oz per 1/2 acre
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Advance 375 A Ant Bait Applications Instructions:

Broadcast application:  Use this product at a rate of 8 oz. per 1/2 acre. Apply the product as uniformly as possible. Repeat application as necessary.
Around structures:  Lightly sprinkle evenly in a band approximately 1-2 feet wide around the foundation of the building. Treat visible trails with approximately 1 ounce of product. Repeat application as necessary.
Individual colony treatment: Use 1.5 to 3 ounces of product per colony. Repeat application as necessary.

Locate ant activity and follow ants back to voids. Apply product to cracks and crevices or voids where ants are active. In heavily traveled sites , use up to 1.5 ounces of product.
Do not use in food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments, restaurants or other areas where food is exposed or facility is in operation.
Serving areas are defined as those areas where prepared food are served such as dining rooms but excluding areas where prepared foods of held.
Non-food areas are defined as areas such as garbage rooms,lavatories,floor drains(to sewers) entries, vestibules, offices, locker rooms,machine rooms, boiler rooms,garages,mop closets,and storage( after canning or bottling). When applying this product in the home, all food processing surfaces and utensils should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed before use. Exposed food should be covered or removed.

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