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Taurus SC - 20 oz
Taurus SC - 20 oz
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Taurus SC - 78 oz
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Taurus SC - 2.5 Gal
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    Grouped product items
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    Taurus SC - 20 oz
    Special Price $46.58 Regular Price $49.96
    Taurus SC - 78 oz
    Special Price $95.00 Regular Price $99.00
    Taurus SC - 2.5 Gal
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Pro Tips & Quick Tricks

Taurus SC Insecticide has always been the most efficient product for controlling termites and ants. It can last up to ten years for termites.
If you perform your own termite work, please follow the instructions and feel free to call one of our professionals for assistance. They are the same, but Taurus is almost half the price.
Taurus SC Termiticide should only be applied outside. For complete Ant control using Taurus SC, we recommend our Non-Repellent Ant Kit, which includes Spectre PS Aerosol. 
A 78-ounce bottle yields 46–96 gallons (120–240 linear feet). When dealing with active infestations, I use a stronger mixing rate of 1.6oz per gallon of water

Product Information

Taurus SC Insecticide, Termiticide, & Pesticide

Taurus SC Insecticide and Termiticide with 9.1% Fipronil by Control Solutions has the same active ingredient and label as the well-known Termidor SC. Taurus SC is a non-repellent insecticide labeled for termite and home perimeter treatments. Since Taurus is a non-repellent, the insects do not know it is there, so they don't try to avoid it. They will cross over it and consume or spread Taurus SC throughout the colony. It is a water-based suspension concentrate for pre- and post-construction termite applications and to control perimeter pests.

Taurus SC will eliminate termite colonies in 2 to 3 months on average. As an ant control product, Taurus SC is proven to be a very effective ant killer working in a couple of weeks.

In addition to termite control, Taurus pesticide controls various insects, including ants, roaches, centipedes, spiders, millipedes, ticks, and many more. It is labeled for barrier applications that target occasional invaders around structures.


Taurus SC & Termite Control

Termite treating the outer perimeter of a structure is a matter of treating all of the soil next to the structure. This is usually fairly easy to do.

  • Simply dig a small trench against the foundation of the home. Six inches wide and 6 inches deep is the recommended size.
  • Apply Taurus SC termiticide into the trench at the rate of 4 gallons of diluted chemical per 10 linear feet at a 0.06%-0.125% dilution rate. Use this rate for 1 foot of depth.
  • We recommend the strongest strength allowed (0.125%) dilution rate for termite control. For this rate you mix 1.6 oz per gallon of water.

With most homes, this easy job becomes a bit more complicated when you have concrete slabs that meet the building. These most common areas are garages, porches, and patios. Since the soil next to the foundation is covered by concrete, you must drill through the concrete to access and treat the soil. The drill holes should be no farther apart than 12 inches and within 6 inches of the foundation. We prefer to use 1/2-inch diameter holes because they are small enough to drill fairly easily yet large enough to allow the chemical to pass quickly. The use of a rotary hammer drill is highly recommended. If you don't have a suitable drill, you can rent one at most large home improvement stores. Even though the slabs you will drill through are rarely deeper than 6 inches, I can tell you from experience that an 18-inch long bit will keep you from bending over as much and reduce the strain on your back.

Taurus SC Insecticide for Ant Control

Taurus SC Insecticide is excellent for ant control. Mix 0.8 oz (0.06% dilution rate) of Taurus per gallon of water in a pump sprayer. Spray around the house 18 inches up the side of your house and 18 inches out from the house setting up a perimeter. Spray 18 inches around where listed pests (including ants) enter, the trail around the structure, or where they crawl and hide (where ants are found crawling on structures ). Remove vegetation that may be touching the house so the ants and other pests won't be able to bypass the ant treatment.

Spray the Taurus Insecticide mixture in other entry points, such as doors (don't spray near door handles), windows, pipes, cracks, vents, holes, etc. Treat the joint where exterior siding (wood, vinyl, aluminum, or similar materials) meets the cement, brick, or block foundation. Treat anywhere electrical, cable or telephone wires enter the house.

Permiter Pest Treatment with Taurus SC

Use Taurus SC to kill and to provide residual control of Ants; (acrobat, Argentine, big-headed, carpenter, crazy, odorous, pavement, pharaoh, and thief).

Taurus SC also treats the following pests: Asian lady beetles, darkling beetles, Australian, Oriental, and smoky brown cockroaches, Black widows, brown recluses, cellar, and hobo spiders, Box-elder bugs, pill bugs, Brown and dog ticks, Centipedes, Cluster flies, European earwigs, House crickets, Millipedes, Paper wasps*, Silverfish, and Yellowjackets.

* TAURUS SC is not a knockdown agent.

Taurus SC may be sprayed twice a year as a perimeter treatment for the above listed insects.


Taurus SC Yield

  • 0.4 oz Single Dose makes 1-2 gallons
  • 20 oz. bottle makes 12 to 24 gallons
  • 78 oz. bottle makes 48 to 96 gallons.
Packaging 20 oz , 78 oz , 2.5 Gal
Product Label Product Label
More PDF's N/A
Target Pest

Termites, Ants (Acrobat, Argentine, Big-Headed, Carpenter, Crazy, Odorous, Pavement, Pharaoh, and Thief), Asian lady beetles, Darkling beetles, Cockroaches (Australian, Oriental, Smoky Brown), Black widow spiders, Brown recluse spiders, Cellar and Hobo spiders Box-elder bugs, Pill bugs, Brown and dog ticks, Centipedes, Cluster Flies, European Earwigs, House Crickets, Millipedes, Paper Wasps, Silverfish, and Yellow jackets

Active Ingredient (s) Fipronil 9.1 %
For Use :

Outside use only. Taurus SC is labeled for inside use in wall voids as a spot treatment.

Yield Applied at a 0.8 fluid ounces per gallon (0.06% dilution) or 0.4 fluid oz per gallon( 0.03% dilution) (20 oz. makes 25 gallons, and 78 oz. makes 100 gallons of dilution at 0.06% rate).
Mixture|Application With a pump sprayer, foam machine or powered sprayer
Apply Taurus SC two-four times a year according to label instructions (finished solution percentages may change depending on frequency of use; see table below).
Permitted Taurus SC Frequency and Dilution Rate Application Scenarios
Taurus SC finished dilution

4 times per calendar year

Mix 0.4 oz per gallon

2 times per calendar year

Mix 0.8 oz per gallon

2 times per calendar year
1 time/calendar year

Dilution Rate for Taurus SC and Water-Finished Solution

Dilution Rate Fluid Ounces Standard Uses
0.06% 0.8 oz Common dilution rate for most treatments: ground termites, perimeter pests,and ants
0.09% 1.2 oz

Construction issues;
termite infestation is severe, increase volume

0.125% 1.6 oz If soil is too dense, for 4 gal per 10 linear feet, only use 2 gal per 10 linear feet per foot of depth

Treatment & Shipping

Retreatment For termites, about 10-12 years, for the rest of the labeled pest , treat twice a year.
Shipping Restrictions

Restricted in AK, NY | Restricted Use in CT, MA, VT **Per Air shipment regulations, 2.5 Gallon can not be shipped by expedited choices.

More Instructions

Pre-construction Construction Termite treatments with Taurus SC

Treatments with Taurus SC should be applied during all the processes of treatment in the soil, up to the final grade installation. Use Taurus SC at the dilution rate of .125% Fipronil as a chemical barrier. Apply at the rate of 4 gallons of finished solution per 10 linear feet per foot of depth for termites.

Slab Treatments: Monolithic, Floating, and Supported Concrete Slabs on Ground or in Basements and Crawl Spaces Horizontal treatment zones:

  • It is necessary to cover the entire surface where the concrete slab will be poured. This includes carports, porches, garages, basement floors, walkways, and any extended entrances and walkways.Use the rate of 1–1.5 gallons of finished solution per 10 square feet. Use a coarse spray nozzle with low pressure. Spray uniformly over the entire area.
  • Vertical Zones: These zones are anything that penetrates the slab, such as utility service and plumbing lines. Use the rate of 4 gallons of finished Taurus SC solution per 10 linear feet per foot of depth along the outside perimeter and inside perimeter of the foundation walls.
  • See label for more instructions for pre-construction treatment with Taurus SC


Post-Construction Termite Treatments with Taurus SC

The applicator must trench and rod with Taurus SC along foundational walls, foundation elements, and pillars. Use it at the rate on the label. If footing is more than 4 feet below grade, treat to a minimum of 4 feet below grade. Use 4 gallons of Taurus SC mixture per 10 linear feet.

Concrete Slab over soil:

Exterior: Trench or rod along foundational walls with Taurus SC at 4 gallons per 10 linear feet. Treat Taurus SC to a minimum depth of 4 feet if footing is more than 4 feet below grade. Trench 6 inches wide with a minimum of 6 inches deep

Sub-slab injection, Vertical drilling injection- see Label

See label for more instructions for post-construction treatment with Taurus SC


Perimeter Pest Treatments With Taurus SC

  • For perimeter pest treatments, mix a 0.06% spray dilution of TAURUS SC by filling the treatment tank 1/4 to 1/3 full with water and adding 0.8 fluid ounces of TAURUS SC. Apply 0.06% of the finished TAURUS SC dilution as a low-pressure spray. Spray the exterior of the structure where listed pests enter, trail around the structure, or where they crawl and hide. Also apply Taurus SC solution around any exterior openings where listed pests could enter the structure, such as around doors, windows, vents, pipes, foundation cracks, or drilled holes.
  • Make sure to treat the joint where exterior siding (wood, vinyl, aluminum, or other similar materials) meets the cement, brick, or block foundation. Treat anywhere electrical, cable, or telephone wires enter the house. This treatment should be made as a general surface spray, crack and crevice spray, or wall void application. TAURUS SC may be applied as a foam treatment into wall voids to kill and/or control the above-listed pests. Apply 2 quarts of 0.06% finished spray of TAURUS SC per 160 linear feet. Refer to the "Foam Application" section of this label for specific foam mixing and application instructions.
  • Except for foam applications made into wall voids, application is limited to an area 1 foot out from and 1 foot up from where the ground meets the foundation. Do not exceed a maximum of two applications per year.

    Nests found on the ground within 1 foot of the foundation may be treated. Vegetation touching the structure may offer a route for the entry of ants into the structure without coming into contact with the treatment; therefore, remove or prune away any shrubbery, bushes, and tree branches touching the structure

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