Armadillo Scram Repellent

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Armadillo Scram Repellent
Armadillo Scram Repellent
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Armadillo Scram Repellent by Epic Repellents is a natural granular product that covers up to 13,200 sq ft. 

Product Information

Armadillo Scram Repellent-22 lbs

Armadillo Scram Repellent repels armadillo with a 2-phase application over two weeks. The first phase of the application will drive the armadillos out of the area, and the second phase keeps them away for 30 days. This all-natural repellent is safe when used according to label.

How Does Armadillo Scram Repellent Work?

Armadillo Scram Repellent repels armadillos and stops digging damage in two ways:

  • Food tastes bad
  • It causes the armadillo burrows and surrounding soil to smell bad.
  1. Day 1- Apply Armadillo Scram Professional with a spreader. Spread over the entire affected area of lawn (the entire area where armadillo damage has occurred). Also, spread it out at the area furthest from where you want the armadillos to exit.
  2. Water the spread granulars for 5 minutes.
  3. Apply Armadillo Scram Pro in a band at least 30 feet beyond and around the infested area where tunnels and holes are present. There will be spreader settings in the application instruction within each bucket. With the scoop provided, hand sprinkle damaged plots and beds. Look for nesting areas behind shrubs and along buildings; liberally apply the granules to these. If you locate a burrow entrance, drop a half scoop into each hole and flush down thoroughly with water.
  4. Day 14: Apply Armadillo Scram Pro over the entire affected lawn, watering in the same way. Coverage is 625 square feet per pound. Reapply Armadillo Scram 14 days after the initial application. Reapply every 30 days after that. Heavy or extended periods of rainfall will shorten the effective period.
  5. Armadillos do not hibernate and are active all year throughout their range. Use Armadillo Scram Pro year-round where damage or an infestation occurs.

Manufacturer: Epic Repellents( Mfg. Number: 5725)

See How to Calibrate A Spreader
  • Measure and calculate total square feet of application (width x length). Labor/application time is approx. 10 min. per 1000 sq. feet.
Packaging 22 lbs
Product Label Label, Supplemental Label
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Target Pest


Active Ingredient (s) Caster Oil - 11% Thyme Oil - 1.1% Rosemary Oil - 1% White Pepper - 5% Garlic Oil - 0.1% Citronella Oil - 0.75%
For Use : N/A
Yield Covers up to 13,750 sq ft.
Mixture|Application With Lawn Spreader or hand sprinkle for small areas
Retreatment Reapply every 30 days
Shipping Restrictions N/A

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