DIY Complete Carpenter Ant Bait Kit

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DIY Complete Carpenter Ant Bait Kit
DIY Complete Carpenter Ant Bait Kit
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Two types of baits to use for carpenter ants. The Advance 375 A Select Bait may also be used for other ants and will feed their protein requirements. The Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel is an excellent fast-acting bait to feed their sugar requirements. The ants will either take one or the other, depending on the needs of that certain ant colony.

Taurus SC  is the preferred choice of insecticide because it is a non-repellent insecticide. Because the ants can't detect it, they don't avoid it, tracking it back to the nest.  Taurus SC is to be used outside only.

Pro Tips
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Tracking carpenter ants is easy; you just have to stay up late and have a flashlight. They like to travel on the edges and corners of your house. That is where you put the bait. You spray  Taurus SC, where the house meets the ground around 18 inches in each direction.

Product Information

DIY Complete Carpenter Ant Bait Kit Contains

  1. Advance 375 A -(1) x 8 oz For Protein Needs of Ant Colony

    Advance works well with Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel. This bait formulation combines a mixture of foods and the delayed-action insecticide abamectin. Advance 375 A Ant Bait is an ant bait for various ants in granular form. This smaller bait matrix in Advance 375 A Ant Bait works well on the Pennsylvania carpenter ants and the Florida carpenter ants. Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait is a ready-to-use product for controlling carpenter ants indoors and outdoors.

    Broadcast application:  Use this product at a rate of 8 oz. per 1/2 acre. Apply the product as uniformly as possible. Repeat application as necessary.

    Around Structures:  Lightly sprinkle evenly in a band approximately 1-2 feet wide around the foundation of the building. Treat visible trails with approximately 1 ounce of product.

    Indoors: Locate ant activity and follow ants back to voids. Apply product to cracks and crevices or voids where ants are active. In heavily traveled sites, use up to 1.5 ounces of product.

  2. Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel -( 1 ) box (4) 27-gram prefilled reservoirs -for Sugar Needs of Ant Colony

    Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel provides FAST CONTROL of carpenter ants in 3-5 days.

    The high moisture content of this gel enhances the attractiveness to target carpenter ants. The attractiveness is greatest within two weeks of application; Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel may be used inside and outside.

    Apply : in spots in cracks and crevices. For best results, place many spots or dabs of gel where you see ants foraging and entering structures.

  3. Taurus SC-(1) 20 oz

    Taurus SC is the preferred choice of insecticide because it is a non-repellent insecticide. Because the ants can't detect it, they don't avoid it; they track it back to the nest. Taurus SC is used outside around the perimeter, sprayed 2 times a year; not for inside use. 

    Mix : 0.8 oz per gallon of water

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