Crazy Ants


Crazy Ant Identification and Treatment

crazy ants 


  • erratic and "crazy" movement when disturbed
  • legs and antennae are larger in proportion to their bodies
  • do not form mounds


  • Under rocks, stumps, timber, firewood, potted plants
  • In damp soil, compost, garbage and indoors

Geographic locations

  • Can mainly be found in Texas, Florida, Arizona, California, and the other Gulf Cost States

Types of Treatment

Once you have located the nest or trail, there are two different types of treatment.

1. Spraying Non-Repellent Insecticides

  • Crazy ants will not consistently follow the same trail so using a non-repellent insecticide is crucial to helping eliminate your infestation.
  • Perimeter treatment of your household.  
    • Two feet up and two feet out from the base of your structure.
    • Window frames, door frames and any other entry points to the structure 
  • Ant trails and other possible locations around the property
  • Recommended products

2. Baiting

  • Because of their nature, baiting is also a recommended method of treatment
  • Use either protein or a sweet bait depending on their cycle 
  • Recommend protein bait:
  • Recommended sweet bait:

Recommended Treatment

Mega Ant Colony Kit:

  • includes non-repellent insecticide, protein bait and sweet bait

More Information: Crazy Ants

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