Indoor Flea Combo - Large

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Indoor Flea Combo - Large
Indoor Flea Combo - Large
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This is a really good combo. Think about where your pet goes because the eggs are laid on the pet and they will fall off the pet in the areas where your pet spends most of the time. Vacuum first and then mix the two items together in a tank sprayer. Often times you will need to spray a second and a third time. If this is the case you won't have to use the Tekko, just the Onslaught Fastcap. The Onslaught Fastcap also does well controlling spiders and scorpions.
Bear in mind that if there is no longer a pet in the house it seems like complete kill takes longer. That is because you are now the sole food source of the flea.

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Indoor Flea Combo-Large

This indoor flea combo combines Onslaught Fastcap and Tekko Pro IGR. Use the Onslaught Fastcap to kill the adult fleas and the Tekko Pro IGR is stop the flea cycle.

The Onslaught Fastcap is a residual insecticide that will work for several weeks. Due to the flea cycle, you may want to spray again in 2 weeks for a level of relief until the flea cycle is completely cut. This will take about 6 weeks.


  • Onslaught Fastcap - 16 oz (yields 16 finished gallons for flea control)
  • Tekko Pro IGR-16 oz. (yields 16 finished gallons for flea control)
  • Each finished gallon will cover 1,000 sq ft.
  • Onslaught Fastcap is also an excellent insecticide for a variety insects, including spiders and scorpions.
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For Use :
Yield Onslaught Fastcap and Tekko Pro yield 16 gallons each, will cover 16,000 sq feet
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  1. Mix 1 oz of Onslaught Fastcap and 1 oz of Tekko Pro  in one gallon of water. Spray this mixture on the flea-infested floor and pet resting areas as a fine broadcast spray. Concentrate flea treatments where the pets are resting and running. You may spray fabric chairs and couches as well, (do a test spray on an inconspicuous spot). This one-gallon yield will cover 1,000 square feet of carpet/rug areas and 2,000 square feet of hard floor surfaces.
  2. Cover fish aquariums and pets' food and water dishes before spraying and remove pets. Keep all people off the treated wet surface. Restrict these areas until the floor surfaces dry.
  3. Old pet bedding needs to be removed and replaced with clean bedding after treatment.
  4. Do not spray directly on pets.
  5. Use all mixed solution the same day you mix it because it does not store well.
  6. Keep everyone and pets off the wet surface until it dries.
  7. In 10-14 days, mix 1.0 oz of Onslaught Fastcap with one gallon of water and spray the same areas as the first spraying and follow the same precautions as listed above..
  8. It takes 4 -6 weeks for the flea cycle to be completely broken, so be patient. Do not steam clean the carpet at this point, unless you repeat this spray treatment again. Continue to vacuum as much as possible, and throw away the vacuum bag.
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