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Invade Bio Zap - 32 oz.
Invade Bio Zap - 32 oz.
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Invade Bio Zap - Gallon
Invade Bio Zap - Gallon
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Product Information

Invade Bio Zap- Zaps Odors

Invade Bio Zap with microbes, is a ready-to-use probiotic formula that will help to remove organic odors and stains. This microbial liquid works in a variety of ways and contains a fresh citrus scent. It will eliminate and neutralize organic odors such as excrement and urine and leave a citrus odor. It may be used in such places as walls and carpets as well as used in restrooms and around garbage receptacles. Invade Bio Zap also removes allergens left by roach and bird droppings.

The addition of citrus oil provides a fresh scent. InVade is natural, biodegradable and non-pathogenic solution compared to the use of harsh chemicals.

Where To Use Invade Bio Zap

  • Invade Bio Zap may be sprayed on fabrics, walls and carpets to get rid of pet odors, smoke or other organic matter.
  • InVade Bio Zap can also be sprayed into bathroom areas and garbage receptacles, urinals to digest scum and eliminate odor. Invade Bio Zap also will eliminate animal and pet odors and can be sprayed outside on soil or gravel surfaces, on concrete in basements, in crawl spaces, insulation in attics and garages.
  • Suitable for fogging in applications such as crawl spaces
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Directions for Use

  • Apply InVade Bio Zap by spraying at full strength normally. InVade Bio Zap may be diluted with 1 to 2 parts water for spraying in an ongoing maintenance program.
  • Spray walls, floors, carpets, and fabrics where the pet, smoke, dead animal or excrement odors originate, just to the point of wetness. Treatment in this manner can also help reduce allergen loads from domestic animals.
  • Always check a small area for colorfastness before use.
  • Rinse garbage receptacles with water and then spray product liberally onto surfaces.
  • Spray surfaces and dirt in crawlspaces, basements, garages and other areas where mold, mildew, sewage or wildlife have left odors.
  • Apply 4 oz per drain weekly for drain problems, slow drains, and odors. Spray into cracks and crevices, and on bathroom walls, sinks, floors, and urinals to eliminate organic build-up. Do not apply to food preparation surfaces or food storage areas.
Packaging 32 oz or Gallon
Product Label Label
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Target Pest urine, excement, smoke, dean animal odors
Active Ingredient (s) ready-to-use microbial liquid.
For Use :

Walls, fabrics, carpets, crawl spaces, restrooms, garbage pails, concrete basements, attics, soil and gravel

Yield Ready to use or can be diluted 1 to 2 parts water
Mixture|Application to be sprayed
  • Invade Bio Zap can be used on walls, fabrics or carpets to combat pet, dead animal, skunk, excrement odors.
  • Alway spray a small amount to color check for color fastness before use.
  • Use in garbage cans after a liberal rinsing with water.
  • May be used outside in the soil or gravel areas or areas where animals or sewage have left odors.
  • Invade Bio Zap may also be fogged into crawlspaces.
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InVade bio products Specifications

Microbial Blend:

The microbes used in InVade Bio products are a multiple spore blend designed to provide exceptional performance over a wide range of organic waste-related applications including drain lines, grease traps, hard surface cleaning and deodorizing, septic and waste treatment, as well as carpet and fabric care. The strains were selected for their superior enzymatic activity over a wide range of organic substrates including proteins, carbohydrates, fats (grease), and cellulose. Their combined synergistic value is demonstrated in enhanced cell growth, germination rate, and effectiveness. Spore-forming microbes are superior in that they are more resistant to chemical cleaning agents. While the bacteria can be killed by chemicals, the spores survive and can again produce bacterial colonies when conditions become favorable (e.g. the chemical is rinsed away). Spore forming microbes will perform in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. When the spores come in contact with their food source (the target organic matter), they generate bacterial colonies which digest the organic matter. The spores consist of Bacillus strains (multiple), with no detectable Salmonella or Shigella. Strains are included which produce Lipase, Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, and Urease enzymes with aerobic and facultative anaerobic pathways. They are effective at a temperature range of 38-145 °F. In laboratory tests, the microbe counts double in 20 minutes when in contact with their food sources. They will perform in a pH range of 4.5 to 8.5. They are stable for two years if stored in the range 35-95 °F. In laboratory tests, the spores have been found to have 98% activity after freezing and rethawing.

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