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Unleash the power of DIY Pest Control's dallisgrass killers, expertly formulated to eradicate stubborn weeds with precision. Our range of dallisgrass herbicides ensures your lawns remain lush, offering a safe haven for your family and pets. Say goodbye to dallisgrass and hello to a vibrant, healthy garden with DIY Pest Control.

How to Get Rid Dallisgrass

Dallisgrass is a grassy perennial weed that is commonly confused with crabgrass. Even though they may look similar, the treatment for them is much different. Dallisgrass can be very hard to control and get rid of and the first and most important part is correct identification.


  • yellow green color with a white vein that runs down the middle of the leaf
  • stiff leaves (compared to softer crabgrass leaves) and a hairy base  
  • tend to grow in circles from the center in loose bunches 
  • flower head has 3-6 spikes
  • seeds are black compared to the whiter crabgrass seeds


Selective Herbicides

  • MSMA is one of the most effective chemicals for treating dallisgrass but it is restricted for commercial use only.
  • There are several other selective herbicide chemicals that work but it depends on your grass and timing of application.
  • For warm season grasses such as bermudagrass and zoysiagrass, you want to use products such as:

Revolver, Monument 75 WG, Certainty, and Tribute Total

  • Tall fescue is a cool season grass that can be treated with:

Fusilade II, Ornamec 170, and Ornamec Herbicide + Aqua-Zorb Wetting Agent


Non-Selective Selective

  • With many grassy weeds, spot treatment with non-selective herbicides is as simple yet very effective method.
  • Only apply to trouble areas because these chemicals will kill any vegetation with which it contacts.
  • Glyphosate is a very effective chemical and is found in several products.
  • Apply when there is a low chance of rain to avoid runoff of chemical to other vegetation.
  • Recommended Products Gly Pho-Sel Pro Dry 75 SGEraser Max, and Roundup Quikpro


  • Because it is a perennial grassy weed, it will be a little bit harder to treat with pre-emergent chemicals
  • Apply aggressively in spring or early summer before the seeds germinate
  • The seeds usually germinate when the soil temperature is in the 60-65 degree range
  • Recommended Products:   Dithiopyr 40 WSB, Dimension 2EW and Surflan Pro


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Don't Let Dallisgrass Take Over Your Yard: Use Our High-Quality Dallisgrass Killer Products

A lush, green lawn is a source of pride for homeowners, but the presence of dallisgrass can quickly turn that pride into frustration. Dallisgrass, with its coarse texture and unsightly appearance, is a formidable foe in the quest for a perfect lawn. That's where DIY Pest Control's dallisgrass killer collection comes to the rescue.

Dallisgrass Control Tips: How to Identify Dallisgrass

Before you can effectively combat dallisgrass, it's crucial to correctly identify it at different stages of growth. Dallisgrass exhibits several distinctive features that set it apart from your desirable lawn grass. Here's how to identify dallisgrass:

  • V-Shaped Seedlings: Young dallisgrass seedlings often have a unique V-shaped or Y-shaped appearance. This characteristic is a key identifier during the early stages of growth.
  • Coarse Texture: Dallisgrass blades are coarser and wider than most desirable grass varieties. The leaves are usually a vibrant green color.
  • Seed Head: Mature dallisgrass plants produce tall seed heads that resemble a "witch's broom" shape, making them highly visible in your lawn.
  • Growth Pattern: Dallisgrass grows in clumps and spreads through seeds, which can quickly lead to extensive infestations if left unchecked.

How to Apply Dallisgrass Killer

Using dallisgrass killer effectively requires careful application to ensure the best results. Here are some application tips to consider:

  • Timing Matters: Apply dallisgrass killer during the active growth phase of dallisgrass, which typically occurs in the spring and early summer. This is when the weed is most susceptible to herbicide treatments.
  • Follow Instructions: Always read and follow the product label instructions provided with your chosen dallisgrass weed killer. The label contains essential information regarding application rates, safety precautions, and timing.
  • Spot Treatment: If you have a relatively small dallisgrass problem, consider spot treating individual clumps or patches rather than applying herbicide to your entire lawn. This reduces the risk of harming desirable grass.
  • Avoid Windy Conditions: Apply dallisgrass killer on calm, wind-free days to prevent herbicide drift onto desirable plants or neighboring lawns.
  • Proper Mixing: Ensure that you mix the dallisgrass herbicide correctly. Use the recommended dilution rate and employ the appropriate equipment, such as a sprayer, for even application.
  • Uniform Coverage: Apply the herbicide for dallisgrass evenly to the affected areas, taking care not to oversaturate or under-apply the herbicide. Uniform coverage ensures that all Dallisgrass plants receive the treatment.
  • Safety Precautions: Wear appropriate protective clothing, including gloves and eye protection, when handling dallisgrass killer. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and keep children and pets away from treated areas until it's safe.
  • Post-Treatment Care: After applying dallisgrass killer, monitor the treated areas for any signs of regrowth. Repeat applications may be necessary for complete dallisgrass control.
  • Lawn Recovery: After successful dallisgrass control, consider overseeding or reseeding the affected areas to promote the growth of desirable grass and restore your lawn's appearance.

Remember that dallisgrass control may require patience and persistence, especially if you're dealing with a widespread infestation. By identifying dallisgrass accurately and following these application tips, you can effectively combat this stubborn weed and restore the beauty of your lawn using a grassy weed killer.

Discover the Benefits of Dallisgrass Weed Killers

A beautiful, healthy lawn is the pride of homeowners, but the presence of dallisgrass can quickly turn that pride into frustration. That's where a targeted weed killer known as dallisgrass killers comes to the rescue. Let's explore the numerous benefits of using these specialized products and why you need them to maintain your lawn's pristine appearance.

  • Effective Dallisgrass Control: Dallisgrass killers and herbicides are specifically formulated to target and eliminate Dallisgrass without harming your desirable lawn grass. They are designed to disrupt Dallisgrass's growth processes, ultimately leading to its demise. This targeted approach ensures that dallisgrass control is efficient and reliable.
  • Lawn Aesthetics: Dallisgrass can mar the uniformity and beauty of your lawn. Its coarse texture and distinctive growth pattern create unsightly patches that detract from the overall appeal of your outdoor space. By using dallisgrass herbicides, you can restore the lush, green appearance of your lawn, enhancing its aesthetics.
  • Prevent Future Spread: One of the significant advantages of using dallisgrass killers is their ability to prevent future Dallisgrass growth. These herbicides not only eliminate existing Dallisgrass but also act as a barrier against its resurgence. By incorporating them into your lawn care routine, you can create a dallisgrass-free environment year after year.
  • Save Time and Effort: Hand-pulling dallisgrass can be a labor-intensive and often ineffective task, especially for larger lawns or extensive infestations. Dallisgrass killers offer a more efficient and hassle-free solution. You'll save valuable time and effort while achieving better results.
  • Protect Desirable Plants: Dallisgrass's rapid growth can smother desirable grass varieties, depriving them of essential nutrients and sunlight. Using dallisgrass weed killers ensures that your preferred grass thrives without competition, promoting a healthier and more resilient lawn.
  • Easy Application: Many herbicides for dallisgrass are designed for homeowner use and come with clear application instructions. This makes them user-friendly, allowing you to tackle Dallisgrass infestations with confidence.
  • Eco Friendly: For those concerned about environmental impact, there are eco-friendly dallisgrass killers available. These products offer effective dallisgrass control while minimizing harm to the ecosystem.

Don't let dallisgrass take over your lawn. Embrace the benefits of dallisgrass killers to regain control of your green oasis and create the lawn you've always envisioned—a lush, vibrant, and dallisgrass-free haven for you and your family to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dallisgrass Killers

We know you may have questions about dallisgrass killers. To help you make the best choice for your yard, we have answered some of the most common questions we hear below.

How Does Dallisgrass Killer Work, and Is It Safe for My Lawn?

Dallisgrass killer is a specialized herbicide designed to target and eliminate dallisgrass while sparing your desirable grass. It works by disrupting dallisgrass's growth processes. When used correctly, it can be safe for your lawn, but it's essential to follow the product instructions carefully.

Can I Use the Same Dallisgrass Killer for Other Lawn Weeds?

Dallisgrass killers are formulated specifically for dallisgrass control and may not be effective against other types of weeds. For comprehensive weed control, consider using a combination of herbicides or specialized products for specific weed types.

Do I Need Professional Help to Apply Dallisgrass Killer, or Can I Do It Myself?

Many dallisgrass control products are designed for homeowner use and come with clear instructions. If you follow the product guidelines carefully and take necessary safety precautions, you can apply Dallisgrass Killer yourself. However, for extensive dallisgrass infestations or if you're unsure about the application, consulting with a professional may be advisable.

It's important to properly mix herbicides like dallisgrass killers. Watch this video to discover some important tips to keep yourself safe.

It's important to properly mix herbicides like dallisgrass killers. Watch this video to discover some important tips to keep yourself safe.

Achieve Weed-Free Bliss With Our Dallisgrass Killers

Tired of battling dallisgrass in your lawn? Look no further. DIY Pest Control offers a range of potent dallisgrass killers to help you regain control of your outdoor space. Our specialized herbicides target dallisgrass effectively, allowing you to restore the beauty and health of your lawn. Say goodbye to the hassle of hand-pulling and reclaim your lush green oasis with DIY Pest Control's trusted Dallisgrass killers.

Explore our comprehensive range of weed killers and lawn pest control products today.

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