NM Professional Skeeter Mace Outdoor Repellent (Concentrate)

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NM Professional Skeeter Mace Outdoor Repellent (Concentrate)
NM Professional Skeeter Mace Outdoor Repellent (Concentrate)
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Product Information

NM Professional Skeeter Outdoor Repellent (Concentrate)

NM Professional Skeeter Outdoor Repellent (Concentrate) effectively and easily controls insects around structures, gardens, lawns, outdoor seating, and play areas.


Controls mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, spiders, no-see-ums, stink bugs, horseflies, aphids, gnats, flies, Japanese beetles, chiggers, palmetto bugs, and other listed insects.

Covers up to 100,000 sq ft when mixed as directed

Plant-Based and Non-Toxic

NM Professional Skeeter Mace Outdoor Repellent (Concentrate) plant-based formulation acts rapidly to control and eradicate the insect population within the treated area.

Now, you can keep your surroundings free from harmful insects without worrying about harming your lawn, garden, or family. This all-natural repellent is made from ingredients designed to attack the exoskeletons of insects and hamper their natural biochemistry.

This repellent safely repels flying and crawling outdoor pests without harming you or your pet.

This outdoor all-natural product is non-hazardous compared to toxic pesticides because it uses natural-based products that promote healthy agriculture and ecosystems.

General Application

  • Apply directly to lawns, shrubs, trees, landscaping areas, exterior structures, and along water edges where insects are heavily present.
  • Not for use on food for feed crops.
  • Do not apply directly to water.
  • Target larvae (mosquitoes, spiders, and ants) by applying it to low-level vegetation.
  • Cover the entire area & slightly overlap.
  • Keep people and pets out of treated areas until they are dry.
  • Repeat treatment in 5–10 days.
  • Re-apply every 30–40 days for ongoing prevention.
  • If heavy rain or wind is expected, do not spray.
  • Do not spray before or after peak sun hours to avoid rapid evaporation.
  • Suggested spray times are early morning or evening.
Packaging 1 Gallon Concentrate (mixes 20 parts water to 1 part of NM Professional Skeeter Outdoor Repellent)
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Target Pest

Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas, Spiders, No-See-Ums, Stink bugs, Horseflies, Latern fly, Yellow fly, Gnats, Ants, Japanese beetles, Chiggers, Palmetto bugs, Moths, Crickets, Roaches, Scorpions

Active Ingredient (s) Soybean oil...20.0%, Castor Oil....10.0%. Cinnamon oil...5.50%, Peppermint oil...1.0%, Lemongrass oil...1.0%, Cedarwood oil (Texas) 1.0%, Clove oil 1.0%, Sodium lauryl sulfate 0.50%
For Use :
  • Lawns, Golf Courses, and Homes (including parking lots and decks)
  • Picnic Areas and Gardens
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Outdoor Play areas
Yield Covers up to 100,000 sq ft when mixed as directed
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Crawling Insects: Spray directly on soil and mounds where insects are living.

Flies: Spray in livestock stalls and areas where animals are grazing to lower fly population.

Ticks and Chiggers: Generally found in tall grass, low-to-the-ground shrubs, wooded areas, &plants.

No-see-ums: Peak seasons are March and April.

Japanese beetles: Adults appear from the ground in early summer, with peak activity from late June through August to September.

Palmetto bugs and roaches: Found in moist, humid areas. Outdoors around septic tanks, trash bins, mulched gardens, leaf litter, and trees.

Stink Bugs: Are agricultural pests found in orchards, farms, & gardens. In residential areas, stink bugs can be seen in parks and residential landscapes. Spray directly on plants, especially under leaves.

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