Rat Birth Control Products


Rat Birth Control


Traditional pest control tools eliminate rats quickly when populations boom. But without fertility control, it only takes two rats to initiate a rebound, growing the population back to its original size or larger within a matter of months.

Left unchecked, two adult rats can be responsible for the birth of up to 15,000 descendants after a year.

In other words, all it takes is two rats to bring an infestation back to its original size or larger. Without fertility control with ContraPest, rat populations rebound to original levels. ContraPest works by counteracting this rebound effect, significantly reducing their ability to reproduce. Once deployed, your furry foes’ departure is simply a matter of time.

ContraPest is the first EPA-registered contraceptive for both male and female rats, developed by rat fertility control scientists to create healthy environments by virtually eliminating rat pest populations. Designed to restrict fertility in both sexes. By restricting fertility in both Norway and Roof Rats, it leads to a significant decrease in the number of rats on site.

ContraPest is a highly palatable liquid contraceptive. A fatty and delicious “milkshake” rats can’t get enough of. Formulated for the size and biology of rats, and deployed in child- and pet-resistant devices. It poses a lower risk to non-targets when used as directed.

Plus, this effective liquid fits in multiple systems – The ContraPest Elevate Hanging Bait System for Roof Rats, and the ContraPest Isolate Bait System Kit for Norway Rats. Additionally, Contrapest Isolate will fit into other bait stations.

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