Carpenter Bee Kits



Which one is right for me?


Carpenter Bee Kit - Pro (recommended):  This is our most recommended and best-selling kit!  We believe that these products are the most effective at controlling and preventing carpenter bees. This kit provides enough product for multiple carpenter bee seasons.


EZ Carpenter Bee Kit Pro-  We recommend this kit if you have areas to treat that are high up and hard to reach.  Using the Gotcha Pro Adaptor you can get to those higher areas without using a ladder.  The Gotcha Pro Adaptor fits just about any threaded extension pole.  The duster and the Gotcha Pro Adaptor are the only difference between this kit and the Carpenter Bee Kit Pro.


Carpenter Bee Kit - NY (can be shipped to New York and Connecticut):  This kit is very effective as well and has the added benefit of being able to ship to NY and CT. These states have very strict regulations on what products can be shipped there, and we have found this combination of products works very well.


Carpenter Bee Kit – Organic:  This kit contains products that are all organic. Not only are these products effective, they are also all eco-friendly.


Carpenter Bee Kit – Basic:  This kit is our most economical kit.  The products are effective at getting rid of carpenter beesgetting rid of carpenter bees and have a lower price point than the products in the Carpenter Bee Kit - Pro. If you are looking for the most affordable kit, this is the one for you!


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