Fly Baits

Fly Baits

We carry professional fly baits such as Zyrox, Golden Malrin, MaxForce Fly Bait , and Maxforce Fly Spot Bait

Adequate sanitation is the first step before using any fly bait. Killing flies with fly bait will reduce the infestation, but elimination of the breeding sources is critical for reliable fly management. Fly baits kill flies rapidly, but the results may be short lived if it is not repeated. Baits are effective when they supplement a spraying program of a residual insecticide after all sanitation is considered. Fly Control Information

Other fly control methods are include fly traps.

How to use Fly Baits

Maxforce Fly Spot is recommended for a quick kill for fly problems by many pest control operators. Mixed by water in your pump sprayer, it is very easy to apply. Maxforce fly spot kills flies in 60 seconds or less. Flies will be attracted to the bait and die within seconds. Maxforce Fly Bait may be made into a paste and painted on a surface. They also can be used in bait stations or scattered around garbage cans or other places where flies rest.

The FBS-1 Fly Bait Station has 2 removable bait trays for holding granular fly bait to control such flies as house flies, soldier flies, bottle flies and flesh flies. It is made of compounded metals causing a shiny reflective surface in order to attract more flies. The station is very sturdy and made of 100% recycled heavy-duty plastic with 5 year UV additive. It has a low profile (6.5" x 3.75" x 2.5") making it convenient to fit in tight locations. It can be mounted on walls and fences or staked into the ground. You can use liquid nails, zip ties or screws to mound it.

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House flies, many flesh flies, bottle flies, and blow flies breed in organic debris such as garbage, animal excrement and decaying organic materials. If you remove these sources, many times you have solved your fly infestation problem. Garbage cans and dumpsters can be a challenge to maintain a clean surface. Use a tight fitting lid on these receptacles if it is available.

Invade Bio Zap may be used in garbage cans, trash compactors, and dumpsters to kill the debris and scum that increases a fly population.

Residual Insecticides

Residual Insecticide spraying is another method of chemical fly control. Recommended residual insecticides are Cyper WP or D-Fense SC which belong to the pyrethroid family. Apply it as a course, wet spray to the surface areas where the flies would rest. Such places may be porches, garbage cans, chairs, sun-exposed surfaces on outside walls, kennels, etc. Pets should be removed from area before spraying.


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