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Niban FG - 1 lb
Niban FG - 1 lb
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Niban FG - 4 lb
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NiBan Granular Baits are weather resistant and long lasting. They are perfect baits for ants, crickets, silverfish, and roaches.NiBan Granular Bait and NiBan FG may be used inside or outside.

Product Information

Niban FG (Fine Granular Bait)

Niban Granular Baits are weather resistant and long lasting. They are perfect baits for ants, crickets, silverfish, and roaches. Niban FG may be used inside or outside.

Difference between Niban Granular Bait and Niban FG

Both Niban Granulars and Niban FG (fine granules) are the same formulation, but Niban FG are finer granules. Since Niban Granules (4 lb shaker) are coarser granules, they are more suitable for outside perimeter and broadcast treatments. The Niban FG is of a much smaller particle size and is perfect for use in a duster. With duster equipment, you can dust into cracks and crevices. The standard Niban Granules are too big to use in a duster. Niban FG may also used outside.

Niban Granulars - 4lb Shaker

Dusting Equipment and Niban FG

A bellow type duster such as B&G Bulb Dust-R or JT Eaton's Hand Bellow Duster would work well for crack and crevice treatments.

If you are dusting a larger area, B&G Electric Duster or Dustin Mizer Garden Duster would work better.

How Niban Works

Most insecticides kill by toxicity, however Niban doesn't work this way. After an insect eats this bait, it is unable to obtain nutrition from its food sources and starves to death. Insects never develop immunity to Niban.

Niban Granulars - Special Features

  • Both Niban Granulars and Niban FG are Weather/Moisture resistant baits; long lasting insect baits.
  • Niban-FG (fine granules) are made up of very small granules which allows it to be used in any type of dusting equipment. Niban-FG is excellent for indoor crack and crevice treatments.
  • Niban-FG and Niban Granules won’t degrade in sunlight or heat and can last through up to 4” of rain.
  • With proven superior attractants, Niban Granulars and Niban FG have both protein and carbohydrate attractants (feeds both cycles).
  • No pesticide odor but does contain some food based attractant odor.
Product Label Niban FG- Product Label
Target Pest

Ants:( Argentine, Carpenter, Thief, Pharaoh, Little Black, Pavement, Odorous House and Crazy Ants.)
Roaches:: Asian, American, Brown, Brown Banded, Smokey Brown, German and Oriental Cockroaches.
Crickets: Camel, House, Field and Mole Crickets.

Active Ingredient (s) 5% Orthoboric Acid
For Use : For Use In and Around Homes, Apartments, Garages, Public and Private Institutions, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Pet Stores, Zoos, Kennels, Warehouses, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Vending Machines and Food Processing Plants.Food area application limited to crack and crevice treatment only
Yield 6 oz. per 100 sq. ft. / 4 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft
Mixture|Application Interior and exterior use
  • Treat exterior perimeter areas:Treat perimeter of structure with Niban FG in a band at least 2 to 4 feet wide at a rate of 6 ounces per 100 square feet for ant control.
  • For interior treatment : Spread evenly in crawl spaces, attics, drop
    ceilings and cellars with dirt or gravel floors.Spread evenly in attics, cellars with dirt or gravel floors, crawl spaces, cracks and crevices.Be careful of children and pets. 1 cup treats approx. 90 sq.ft. It is important not to spray residual insecticides near the bait, as it will repel the pests and contaminate the bait.
  • Application Tips: Do not contaminate this product with other pesticides. If this product becomes contaminated with another pesticide it will lose its effectiveness.
  • Application Tools: Mechanical spreader, power duster, plunger type duster or by hand.

See label for complete instructions

Shipping Restrictions N/A
More Instructions

Restrictions : Niban FG is labeled for food area application limited to crack and crevice treatment only. Apply only in areas inaccessible to children and pets.

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