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Ant baits are a terrific way to eliminate ant colonies. The concept is simple. Ants gather the bait, take it back to the colony, and feed it to the entire colony which kills all of the ants, including the queen. While this works well in theory, it is not always that simple in real life. Ants have complex and varied diets, which change frequently. They will often switch their food preference from carbohydrates, to fats, to proteins, and back to carbohydrates in the course of a few weeks. In order to increase the odds of putting out a bait product that will be appealing to the ants, we assembled some Ant Kits that contain multiple baits. This multi-pronged approach has been extremely effective at eliminating ant colonies and keeping your home or business ant free.


Which kit is right for me?

Non-Repellant Ant Kit

This kit provides contact kill and long lasting residual without worrying about the ant’s dietary need.  It covers a wide variety of ants and works indoor (Spectre PS) and outdoors (Taurus SC). If you want a long lasting kit and do not want to bait  the ants this is the kit for you!

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Recommended Ant Bait Kits

Complete Ant Kit #1

This kit provides baits that fulfill all the dietary needs of ants (excluding pharaoh, fire and harvester ants) and there is no mixing involved.  If you are not in a location where exterior perimeter treatment is practical (i.e. apartments and condos) this kit would be an excellent choice.

DIY Complete Carpenter Ant Kit

This kit provides complete coverage for carpenter ants.  It includes baits for all the ant’s dietary needs (sugars, proteins and fats) and also has a concentrate (Taurus SC) for a perimeter treatment of your structure.  If you have a carpenter ant problem and want the most effective and complete kit, this is the one that we recommend.

Carpenter Ant Bait Combo 

This kit is similar to the Complete Ant Kit #1 except that it is specifically geared towards controlling and eliminating carpenter ants.    It provides baits for all the dietary needs of these ants and requires no mixing.  Just like the Complete Ant Kit #1, this combo is great if you are not in a location where perimeter treatment is practical.  

Advion Ant Bait Kit

This kit works great if you are having problems with pharaoh ants  and other ants inside.  The kit provides 2 different baits, sugar (Advion Ant Gel) and protein (Advion Ant Bait Arena), that work with the ant’s dietary needs. 

Mega Colony Ant Kit

This kit works very well against the mega-colony ants such as argentine and crazy Ants. These ants can be difficult to control with just one product and we found that this combination of products is the most effective at controlling these ant populations.

Texas 2 Step Fire Ant Kit

If you are dealing with fire or harvester ants this is the kit for you.  This 2-step treatment is recommended by Texas A&M and we have found that it is the most effective treatment for controlling these ants.

 Texas Size Texas 2 Step Fire Ant Kit

This kit is the same as the Texas 2 Step kit but just larger.  If you are covering a large area for fire and harvester ants we would recommend this kit for you!

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