Fleas - Indoor Carpet


Exterminator Recommendations for Killing Indoor Fleas in Carpet:

  • Prevention: Flea Stoppers Powder. If you have an active infestation use an Flea Aerosol to kill current flea adults. It will take six weeks for the Flea Stoppers Powder to cut the cycle.
  • Cure Existing Infestations Insecticides and IGR's: FenvaStar Plus, Conquer and Onslaught (kills adult fleas) combined with IGRs such as Precor, Meteor, Martins' IGR (reduces egg production). The IGR's cut the flea cycle and the liquid insecticides kill the adult fleas.
  • Cure Existing Infestations with Flea Control Aerosols: Use aerosols such as Pivot Ultra, Alpine Flea, Ultracide or Precor 2000. These may work on both carpet and hard floor surfaces. These aerosols have the insecticides and IGRs combined for ease of use.
  • For more information about flea control, go to: Flea Control.

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