Restaurant Fly Control


Controlling Flies in the restaurant setting is best achieved using a combination of Fly Lights and Fly Bait

By Walt Cline

  • Fly Lights: Electronic fly trap placement and selection depends on the location.

    Dining Rooms, discreet fly traps are recommended. Top choices include the Naturale Fly Trap, made of real bamboo, or the Virolite 40. When wall space is not available to mount the fly trap, the On-Top Pro can be used with a drop ceiling.

    Commercial Kitchens, the best fly traps are the Black Matrix, Visu 80, or the Visu 30. Fly traps for the kitchen are more visible than the discreet variety, such as Gardner WS85 Wall Sconce, but they catch more flies and are the most effective. Remember to replace the lamp bulbs at least once a year. The spectrum of light the flies see usually burns out before the bulb itself. To check the life of your bulbs, use a UV-meter to measure the light and accurately determine when the bulb should be replaced.

  • Fly Bait: Use Golden Malrin Fly Bait , Maxforce Granular Fly Bait, or Zyrox Fly Bait outside only in non-food contact areas: dumpsters, grease pits, around doors, and places where flies originate.
  • Sanitation: Use UltraFloor Defender as a mop solution on floor surfaces and grout. This floor cleaner is made of active bacteria cultures to break down grease, soil and fatty acids. Consistent use improves sanitation, resulting in better pest management.
  • Aerosols:  These provide a quick and efficient knockdown of your fly population

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