Aphid Control


Aphid Signs of Infestation

Aphids can be found on the underside of leaves. They may be seen as very small specks that are either green, white or brown

How To Get Rid Of Aphids

Light Infestations:

Light infestations of aphids can be dealt with by simply hosing off the plant with a stream of water. Many of the aphids are killed by the jet of water while the survivors usually can not find their way back to the host plant.

Heavy Infestations:

Heavier infestations should be treated with residual insecticides such as Bifen IT or the powerful systemic insecticide, Dominion 2L.

Many times aphids will live in the curled leaves. Because those aphids can not be reached by most sprays, systemic insecticides such as Dominion 2L, are absorbed by the leaves or roots and travel throughout the plant. They are particularly effective. Dominion 2L or Dominion Fruit Tree and Vegetable Spray are excellent products against aphids and many other lawn and garden pests.

Non-Chemical Approach:

The use of Aphid Traps have proven very successful, particulary if caught early in the infestation.

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What are Aphids ?

Aphids are also known as whiteflies and plant lice. Aphids are about 1/8 " long. Their colors can vary, but they are usually green, brown, red or black. They have mouthparts that pierce and suck sap out of plants. As a common insect, Aphids are found on plants in and around the home. These pear shaped insects with long legs and antennae can be found feeding on almost any plant types. Most species do not negatively affect their host plant, but there are a number of them that are quite destructive.





Signs of Aphid Damage

Because Aphids suck the sap out of plants, the plants weaken and they stunt the plant growth.

Wilting or die back of shoots and new growth or curling of the leaves can all be signs of aphid damage.

Natural Predators of Aphids

The lady bug and some wasps' worms are natural predators.

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