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Rodent Proofing | Rodent Exclusion

Identify and eliminate conditions that make it possible for rats to survive. They need shelter (harborage), food and water.

Suggested Rodent Exclusion Materials

  • Copper Wire:  Stuf-fit Copper Wool Mesh
  • Foam : PUR Black Gun Foam
  • Use Stuf-It Copper mesh wool to stuff into small cracks, to exclude rats and mice. Copper Mesh wire mesh will not rust and more importantly, the rodents can not chew through it. It is designed to fit into small cracks and crevices in order to stop the rodent entry.

    Another product to exclude rodents and rats from entering buildings is PUR Black Gun Foam. This is an expandable foam which bonds to surfaces. It is ideal in cracks or voids where rodents may enter.  Rodents can not penetrate this foam. It also keeps insects out.

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Close Rodent Entry Points To Exclude and Rodent Proof

During the inspection, look for rodent entry points and exclude as much as possible. Copper Mesh wire may be stuffed into the openings.

Rats can fit through a 1/2 ' opening (diameter of a thumb).

Mice can fit through a 1/4" opening (diameter of a little finger).

  • Outdoors
    • Remove water and food sources.
    • Keep garbage in tightly sealed containers and make sure any dumpsters are not overflowing. Dumpsters should be kept at least 25-50 yards from buildings.
    • Keep pet and bird food in tight fitting containers.
    • If possible, remove standing water.
  • Indoors
    • Keep kitchen clean from spilled food.
      1. Close or repair holes in the interior and exterior walls.
      2. Close openings over 1/4", particularly around windows and doors.
      3. Under garage doors : install vinyl, rubber or bristle sweep seals to eliminate gaps.
      4. Tighten seals around pipes, drains and vents.

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