Rat Baits


Discover the ultimate solution for tackling rat infestations with our premium rat baits. At DIY Pest Control, we offer a wide selection of highly effective rat bait options designed to quickly and efficiently eliminate these unwanted pests from your space. Our potent rat baits are expertly formulated to attract and exterminate rats, ensuring a pest-free environment in no time. Say goodbye to rat troubles and hello to a home fortified against unwelcome intruders with DIY Pest Control's cutting-edge rat bait solutions.

Bait Blox:

When it comes to rat bait, this particular variety is by far the most widely used. Blox are the most long-lasting rat bait, and rats seem love it.

We recommend the following Bait Bloxs:

  • J. T. Eaton's Bait Block 2G
  • Contrac Blox

  • For small size and California approved we recommend:

  • Top Gun Blocks
  • Fastrac Blox
  • Agrisel Gladiator Blox
  • Soft Baits:

    In recent years, professional pest control operators have seen the advantage of using soft baits. Soft baitshave outstanding palatability and acceptance by rodents, even in areas where other food sources are a competition to the acceptance of applied rodent bait.

    A soft bait that we recommend and have found success with is: TakeDown II Soft Bait

    Recommended Rat Bait Stations:

  • Aegis Rat Bait Stations
  • Aegis RP Bait Station
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