Long Term Mosquito Control (Yards, Recreational Areas, Sport Fields):

  • Remove any standing water that is not serving a purpose.
  • Spray Bifen IT, Proflex Encapsulated or Mavrik Perimeter. Mavrik Perimeter Insecticide is a noted chemical that will not effect bees. Proflex Encapsulated has two different insect growth regulators plus an insecticide. Proflex Encasulated is notable because it holds up for 30 days and is rainfast.
  • Use Insect Growth Regulator like Pivot 10 mixed with the Bifen IT or Mavrik Perimeter to cut the mosquito's life cycle if you don't use Proflex Encapsulated (contains IGRs and an insecticide).
  • In standing water or stagnant water place Mosquito Dunks, Altosid Pro-G, or Mosquito Bits in the water once a month.
  • Eco Via is a botanical insecticide with thyme oil and rosemary oil for an organic option. Mix between 1-2 oz per gallon of water to spray 1000 square feet, and repeat as needed.
  • Walt's Complete Mosquito Kit contains Bifen IT, Mosquito Bits, Mosquito Repelling Granules, and Bens' 100 Deet, large size as a combination to save money.

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