Chinch Bug Control


Chinch Bug Control

Chinch bugs are small black winged insects (1/10 of an inch) found in the thatch of southern grasses. These insects attack St. Augustine grasses in the spring and summer months. Damage consists of an irregular dead spot in the grass with yellow dying fringes. Positive identification of chinch bugs should be made before treatment begins. University research shows that excessive use of fertilizers can help add to a chinch bug population. Less use of nitrogen fertilizers and water combined with de-thatching will make your lawn less attractive to chinch bugs. Once an infestation has been identified a long lasting insecticide such as Tandem should be used to prevent chinch bugs from spreading. Adding a surfactant will increase the efficacy of the Tandem.

chinch bugs - life cycle

Turfgrass -University Of Nebraska - Lincoln

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