How to Get Rid of Goosegrass


  • summer annual weed
  • wagon wheel-like appearance
  • opens parallel to the ground
  • white-ish in the center
  • smooth and flattened sheaths
  • grows well in compact soil and also areas with a lot of traffic and use (athletic fields)
  • seed head has 2-6 spikes coming from the stem head


Selective Herbicides

  • Like many grassy weeds, goosegrass can be very difficult to control as there is a limited selection of herbicides that are effective.
  • Make sure to identify which type of grass you have to ensure that the herbicide is safe for it.  Go to our filter options to choose which grass you have.
  • Multiple applications are necessary with this stubborn weed.
  • Recommended Products:  Revolver, Specticle Flo, and Grass Getter

Non-Selective Herbicides

  • Spot treating with non-selective herbicides is very effective and cost-efficient if your goosegrass problem is not very widespread.
  • A variety of different herbicides can be used and to get the best results
  • Multiple applications are necessary
  • Use a fine stream or low-pressure fan spray to avoid contact with other vegetation.
  • Apply when there is a low chance of rain to avoid runoff of chemical to other vegetation.
  • Recommended Products:   Gly Pho-Sel Pro Dry 75 SG, Roundup Quikpro, Eraser Max




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